Small LogoWhat sparked your interest in photography?
When I was five years old, my baby sister was born & as a “Big Sister Gift”, my parents surprised me with a blue, plastic Fisher Price camera. Within the week, my stuffed animals & pink tea party set were transformed into the subjects for my portrait & still life “photo shoots”. I continued to develop an interest in photography throughout elementary, middle & high school & during college I decided to take a Photojournalism class for fun. During this class, I remembered how much I loved the art of photography. Over the past few years I’ve researched, read continued to learn &  practiced photography on the side of a full-time career. It was not until this past year that I really began seeking God & asking him how He wanted me to use & grow my love for photography. When we moved back to NC from NYC  in the Fall of 2014, I began purposing to grow my love for the art & began pursuing photography options on a larger scale. I’m currently a full-time Marketing Director for a prominent indoor rock climbing company based in the Raleigh area, but continue to fill my weekends with weddings, babies, engaged couples & sweet families.

I’m confused. Why do you post all of your photography sessions & personal thoughts in one place? Shouldn’t you have two separate blogs?
I tried the two blog thing for a while but it just wasn’t feasible – photography has become such a part of my every day life & I want everyone to see that.

Where are you located?
My husband and I live in the Triangle area, and I shoot quite a bit in the Lake Norman/Charlotte region. I’m available to travel anywhere, though (I’ve shot weddings in Mexico, New York, & Tennessee over the past year – love it!).

How do I book a session?
Contact me here & we will schedule something!

What are your session prices?
Visit my website here to learn more about prices & packages.

Let’s talk health food. What sparked your interest in it?
I’ve always had a passion for healthy lifestyles, running & fitness, but when we got married & I suddenly had the ability to decide what we kept in our house to fuel us, I really started exploring all of the REAL foods available to us. Then in 2014, I found out I was a carrier of two BRCA (breast/ovarian cancer) genes and I became 100% fully aware of what I was putting in my body to fuel it… thus launched my love for green juices, superfoods, guac and all the good, yummy things.

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