Give me plane tickets for a last minute weekend away over a monthly payment for a shiny new car, a too-big-for-us-anyway house, or a new wardrobe any day. Especially when those tickets are to the city that breathes creativity and exudes inspiration in a way that only a concrete jungle of its magnitude can do

Choosing spontaneity, adventure and experiences over things has become the rhythm of our “life drum” over the past two and years… and I love it. Living more simply on the day-to-day might make it challenging to “keep up with the Jones'”, but if I’m being perfectly honest? I really don’t want to keep up with them… it’s too normal! Too predictable. Too exhausting. And not worth it (at least not to me, not anymore). A few years ago it mattered on some level, but now? No, not really. Adventures > Normal Jones-ish Living.

Don’t get me wrong: I love a gorgeous handbag, amazing pair of jeans & new shoes just as much as the next woman… but I’m realizing that I experience Love and Life the most in DOING rather than HAVING. This is certainly a shift in many ways… I don’t know if the shift is attributed to all the “hard” we were pulled through in the past few years, a result of getting older, or something deeper… whatever it is, it’s happened and I’ve become more aware of the importance of recognizing it.

In the end, it will be the richly colored memories that radiated Love, brought forth Life & allowed us to experience God’s perfect beauty that matter the very most. These moments & experiences & choices for adventure will equate to SO MUCH MORE than hoards of “stuff” piled up in our future basement or attic or storage shed or garage (At least I’m pretty sure they will!).


All of this (^ and THIS SUNSET!!)  is why we booked a trip to NYC at 10 AM this past Saturday and were on a plane in less than two hours for a less than 48-hour visit. Because we are realizing that memories matter more than “stuff”. That when your heart is missing… craving… the vibrancy that can only be found in The City, you listen. That no amount of house or car or designer inspired fashion can ever replace soaking in ALL that is Central Park on an October Saturday, or witnessing a Love Painting light up the NYC skyline. And to me, ALL OF THIS (and tons more) makes not keeping up with the Jones’ or following the”normal trajectory” of what life at age 28/29 “should” look like 100% worth it (and then some!).

(Also, hi! I I clearly have not updated with anything or posted any recent photography sessions. This is mostly because I’ve been doing many things… but also largely because I’ve needed some quiet months to process and read and pray and think and walk through lots of life. I’ve found it’s best to be quiet and listen in these chapters… at least for me. So that’s where I’ve been for a while =))

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